In follow up to earlier notification on concerns about OWP documentation, we are now very pleased to announce that our supplier, that organizes the plastic collection of OWP, has only as the second organization in the world, achieved certification according to
“Chain of Custody Standard for Plastics Retrieved in the Hydrosphere”.
The certification is by an independent global audit organization that provides proof of compliance.

Plastic collection with full digital traceability

To trace the entire collection of the plastic from the extraction point, sorting of the plastic, and the onwards journey until delivery at a local waste bank, blockchain technology is used that secures real-time data and tracks all steps within the scope of certification. It ensures a digital tracking system that monitors and audits all the plastic collections at all times.

Next step

Currently, no OWP resin is available for supply as the steps following the plastics collection will have to be re-established and documented to ensure traceability in the remaining value chain of the recycle process. This will take some time.

In ZEAPLAST, we still believe strongly in contributing to addressing the plastic pollution in the oceans and upcycling of ocean plastic waste into meaningful products. Therefore, we hope soon to bring back our OWP products based on a trusted OWP-concept and supply chain.

Stay tuned for more information!

About Zeaplast
Zeaplast was established in July 2019 with the objective to offer neat and modified OWP resin to customers domestic and internationally. Unfortunately, were some discrepancies in the OWP supply chain discovered in late 2020, why we have put our marketing, sales and supply of OWP products on hold until further notice.

We hope soon to be back.